Conach Telecom is built on the foundation of enhancing the lives of the people who work for Conach, and enhancing the lives of the people who live in the communities we work in.

We do this by building and servicing fibre optic and high-speed communications networks that offer an array of applications to enhance the lives of people of all ages in our communities and businesses.  This high speed connectivity known as Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP – for home and business) provides a vital infrastructure to support the next generation of high definition, video streaming and social media applications, and to improve health care and education, strengthen public safety, attract and retain businesses and jobs, and keep people connected.


Conach Telecom’s vision is to be “The Number 1” preferred employer of choice in our industry and “The Number 1” preferred contractor of choice by our clients. We will achieve our success by focusing on Conach’s version of ASAP.



We embody a positive attitude in all aspects of our work and life – attitude is everything.



We take pride in making sacrifices to achieve success in all areas; in our business, with our clients, and success in the personal lives of the people who work at Conach Telecom. 



We succeed by overcoming adversity and obstacles.  Our success is driven by our focus on solutions and what can be done versus what can’t be done.  Our company and our people never give up.



At Conach Telecom we are passionate about what we do. We have a common purpose and vision, and are committed, motivated and engaged to lead our industry.



Conach Telecom’s Mission is to demonstrate to our industry that our approach of putting our employees first, ahead of customers and shareholders will deliver on our goal of providing superior customer service.